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X-Patriate III (3rd movement)

February 18, 2014

Violence. Shortages. Anxiety. Traffic. Chaos. Tension. Insecurity. Closure. Disappointment. Kidnapping. Debacle. Consequences. Anarchy. Abuse. Misrule. Power. Exclusion. Wrath. Inequity. Tears. Strike. Frustration.

Some time ago we lost our homeland, today it lies kidnapped.
Once we step forward in unison, we will begin to build it again.






January 20, 2014

Dedicated to G. M. and my expatriated siblings.

It should not be called patria or nation where people live in fear.
It should not be called patria or nation where life became upheaval.
It should not be called patria or nation where people live under a bifid, disoriented and completely pulverized precept.



We live in an increasingly vicious reality where is no order; there is no real government nor regime of any kind.



Those who stayed here; those who are not plondering the country… We are exptriated already.


Expatriate: transitive verb. 1: banish, exile 2: to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one’s native country
Allegiance: the obligation of a feudal vassal to his liege lord b (1): the fidelity owed by a subject or citizen to a sovereign or government. (2): the obligation of an alien to the government under which the alien resides


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Mandinga’s food

September 8, 2013

The devil, with his dead dance, is moving slowly. He is collecting petitions and strength to continue his way. He is taking leaders, beggars, minions, cretins, communicants and donors. We are watching him going somewhere. He is asking and we give.

Over time, Mandinga becomes sad. He wants to share light over the creation of others. He wants to give light to be shared and not to raise egos. But Lucifer, as any other angel, can’t do anything else, he is just looking to survive in exile. Meanwhile, we are giving ourselves to the wrong cause awkwardly. It is our nature, to dance slowly a dead dance as we act as demons and angels. Trying to shine over individuals and leaving our world aside.

Today coexist thousand of angels, religions, gods, men and worlds, all of them summarized in one that doesn’t exist, one that endures, and summarized in me, matter of time and oblivion.

Conversation in multiples of 13

April 29, 2013

It’s been a year since the first conversation. A study translated into wind and percussion instruments based on prime numbers and pi. Structure, rhythm, melody and even the length of each theme are linked to the main number. Within each track I hear a discussion about the reality that defines us and transcends the limits of the individual – always present. Conflict is inescapable, at the end is finally forgotten. Oblivion is inevitable.


Conversation in multiples of 11

March 15, 2013


Conversation in multiples of π

November 6, 2012

Conversation in multiples of 1

November 1, 2012