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Illusion for DJ, Piano and Orchestra

May 20, 2015

“Your love of life shall be love of your highest hope; and your highest hope shall be the highest thought of life. Your highest thought, however, you should receive as a command from me: man is something that shall be overcome.”
F. Nietzsche, Así habló Zaratustra

We are networks of illusion.
We consume, offer, create and destroy illusion.
It doesn’t complain, doesn’t wait, it only elevates us.
It’s meaningless and painful by itself, it is helpless and misleading.
It needs an engine to transform reality,
to become music and move forward.



The Tree, the Song and its Shadow

May 8, 2010

Today I sat down on its shadow. I saw it moving, I saw it thinking.
I felt my thoughts merging with his thoughts.
Maybe he didn’t want me there. I assumed that he did.

I started to sing while it breathed and danced.
I heard it whisper, I paid attention and discovered he was singing then.
I closed my eyes, listened and fell sleep.

Árbol en la oscuridad by Juan Romero – Mixed media on canvas. 50×60 cm.