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2 Miles

September 28, 2014

“I’m always thinking about creating.
My future starts when I wake up every morning…
Every day I find something creative to do with my life.”
Miles Davis (May 26, 1926 – September 28, 1991)

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Bopping 2 Never that Yardbird Nefertiti Bags’
Babies Dial Miles Steamin’ Arrest Haze Sketches
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Corner Steamin’ Birth Live-Evil of 1958
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X-Patriate III (3rd movement)

February 18, 2014

Violence. Shortages. Anxiety. Traffic. Chaos. Tension. Insecurity. Closure. Disappointment. Kidnapping. Debacle. Consequences. Anarchy. Abuse. Misrule. Power. Exclusion. Wrath. Inequity. Tears. Strike. Frustration.

Some time ago we lost our homeland, today it lies kidnapped.
Once we step forward in unison, we will begin to build it again.




X-Patriate II (2nd movement)

February 18, 2014

Gold, oil, human capital, labor and culture. Everything vanishes. Everything slides through the hands of the givers, splattering his remains to those who lie expats. A country rose and went flying to every corner of the world. Venezuela is not what they are robbing us, they are stealing us time, time to begin to rebuild it. On occasions I raise my head and look beyond El Avila, hoping that the idea, the hope of a new country, comes back at any time. The idea is dispelled by the struggle between men, because the struggle between men is uneven in nature and has no end. Time is endurance but not submission. Gold, oil, labor, culture and human capital fades day after day with hammer and chisel. The ideas descend gradually to lie on the mountains, the rivers and flood our ravines. We must be the ones who flood the streets and tie the hands of those who call themselves givers. Without gold, oil, education or job, El Avila continue to be expectant and he will watch arise a country that never existed. He’s giving us time. But even time runs out.

“God gives hope to the weak, so that he take the risk to be strong.”



January 20, 2014

Dedicated to G. M. and my expatriated siblings.

It should not be called patria or nation where people live in fear.
It should not be called patria or nation where life became upheaval.
It should not be called patria or nation where people live under a bifid, disoriented and completely pulverized precept.



We live in an increasingly vicious reality where is no order; there is no real government nor regime of any kind.



Those who stayed here; those who are not plondering the country… We are exptriated already.


Expatriate: transitive verb. 1: banish, exile 2: to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one’s native country
Allegiance: the obligation of a feudal vassal to his liege lord b (1): the fidelity owed by a subject or citizen to a sovereign or government. (2): the obligation of an alien to the government under which the alien resides


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Mandinga’s food

September 8, 2013

The devil, with his dead dance, is moving slowly. He is collecting petitions and strength to continue his way. He is taking leaders, beggars, minions, cretins, communicants and donors. We are watching him going somewhere. He is asking and we give.

Over time, Mandinga becomes sad. He wants to share light over the creation of others. He wants to give light to be shared and not to raise egos. But Lucifer, as any other angel, can’t do anything else, he is just looking to survive in exile. Meanwhile, we are giving ourselves to the wrong cause awkwardly. It is our nature, to dance slowly a dead dance as we act as demons and angels. Trying to shine over individuals and leaving our world aside.

Today coexist thousand of angels, religions, gods, men and worlds, all of them summarized in one that doesn’t exist, one that endures, and summarized in me, matter of time and oblivion.

MDE – live

May 11, 2013

October 6, 2011
Centro cultural BOD-Corp Banca
Caracas, Venezuela

Drums: David Marcano
Bass: Ricardo Martínez
Guitar: Dacio Medrano

Piano & effects: Xavier Losada

Production: Proyecta Comunicación

Recording Engineer: Marcel Fernández
Video: Raúl Colmenares
Audio engineer: Eder Soto
Stage Manager: Tyrone Vera
Stage Lighting: Tirso Machado
Scenery: Soluciones Arquimad


“Today I had the estrange sensation of,
While remembering something,
Feeling that I already lived it”

The Story

After writing theater music for about seven years I started my first composition and recording exercise without a script as a headline. The result: noticeably incidental. I created the main theme of soon-to-create stories without realizing it.

That first exercise ended as eight themes that tell, among others, an intense year of my life. I called it: Escritorio.

MDE (stands for typewriter in Spanish) is Escritorio‘s first theme and is inspired by the moment a writer, composer or artist starts to create, to make tangible any idea, when he concentrates a lot of memories and ideas and, by moments, feels fluidity at creating.

MDE drives the beginning of a series of introspections behind the piano, the guitar and a computer, as well as the production of themes at the solitude of my room. Every song I’ve recorded until today, foracantiladoEl hombre que ríeLa uña, el martillo & The Impossible Thoughts or any other project owes something to MDE.

The Original Track

Persecu_ live

February 5, 2012

October 6, 2011
Centro cultural BOD-Corp Banca
Caracas, Venezuela

Drums: David Marcano
Bass: Ricardo Martínez
Guitar: Dacio Medrano
Guitar & Piano: Xavier Losada

Recording engineer: Marcel Fernández
Video: Raúl Colmenares
Audio engineer: Eder Soto
Stage Manager: Tyrone Vera
Stage Lighting: Tirso Machado
Scenery: Soluciones Arquimad


“…I think of his music as a remembrance of a state to which every human being, at his prime, wishes to return, and within the same feeling of deprivation, the dark conscience of something now missing and once owned should be hidden away”.
August Strindberg, Inferno



The Music

In 1993 I listened to Astor Piazzolla for the first time. It was like any other day of my teenage years: At Luis Fernando’s, guitar, Ice Tea, cigarettes & lot of talk. I remember taking a few Leonel Persecuta among them. We said something about opera – we weren’t at the disposition to listen to it at the moment – and walked back to the room. Two guys, age 14, a year from the death of this unknown man and 16 years on from that recording discover something that will change their lives without even knowing. For many years that followed “El Troesma” played songs like “Cité Tango”, “Pia-sol-la-sol” and “Persecuta” always enlightening and teaching me. Later on I stumbled onto Tango: Zero Hour, La Camorra as well as the need to listen to his music for the first time.

Ten years on from that late adolescent afternoon, as I began to write Escritorio, I began to listen to that recording and decided to make it part of my new reality; from my day to day to any old afternoon.

The Story

Inspired in an imaginary Silent Film Festival with live music and in the complaints I received for my handwriting over the years:

“They began to roll the film only after they made us read what was to happen. There seems to be certain rules; I believe that one of them demands that the text be written in letters legible by all. They would face a problem when an illiterate person takes part.

The text narrated the story of an anonymous who was walking on an odd day of the month. It described the psychological persecution of “anonymous” after he passed through the glance of another unknown.

The film is affected by the audiences knowledge of the story; The film’s singular purpose is to heighten tensions, deepen emotions.

They began to roll the film only after they made us read what was to happen. The last time I went this month (apparently it’s become habit) I closed my eyes during the music. I couldn’t see a single image, strangely, I am always walking with fear of turning around, fear of knowing that it is chasing me, fear of running, of opening my eyes and not understanding, not knowing what it was all about.

I never learnt to read.”

The Theme

Persecu_ is part of Escritorio


Today I found Piazzolla as one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.