Info + Reviews – Escritorio

“…Een juweel van een plaat (A jewel of a plate)” – Holly Moors from Moors Magazine, The Netherlands.

“…it’s brilliant! …It’s right in a spot where few dare to go!” – M. Musician – New York, USA

Escritorio is an excellent first work: 10/10” – Fabricio Rincón, Revista Exclusiva – CCS, Venezuela

“… an amazing work!” – Juan Carlos Ballesta en Acto de Fe. – CCS, Venezuela

Where to buy

Discotiendas Esperanto – Caracas, VE
Librería El Buscón – Caracas, VE


From the stages to your player

“Xavier Losada (1979), musical producer and theater composer, presents his first record titled Escritorio.

Escritorio is made up of eight themes conceived as the main chapters of a story. Each one, separately, tells a personal history; together they narrate minutes, years, and even centuries of a life accompanied by dreams, disappointment, distress, hope, and satisfaction.

Inspired by diverse artistic expressions and developed between 2003 and the 2004, Escritorio arises from the necessity of its author to express, through music, the sensations found in literature, music, and daily life. Each track includes the text that narrates its history, taking the listener by the hand between the shades of this production.

Among the works that influenced Losada, he recalls those with an intense intellectual effort: Persecuta and Tango: Zero Hour, of Astor Piazzolla; El hacedor and Historia universal de la infamia, Jorge Luis Borges; Sociedades Americanas, of Simón Rodriguez; the short stories of Arturo Úslar Pietri; and El camino de la alteridad, Antonio Lopez Ortega. “


3 Responses to “Info + Reviews – Escritorio”

  1. M. Says:

    It’s brilliant. ^-^


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    […] Persecu_ is part of Escritorio […]

  3. Persecu_ live « Composing Stories Says:

    […] Persecu_ is part of Escritorio […]

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