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December 31, 2008

“The windmill has gone, but the wind is still there”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


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The Man Who Laughs

November 27, 2007

Are we an accomplice of the cup which deprives us of reason?
Victor Hugo, L’homme Qui Rit.

In the search of creating culture, sometimes I fear reaching a social stratum and marginalize others. How to make this society better? Because maybe we don’t have a way back. It is possible that violence, the outraged innocence and the lost of childhood continue growing without their natural course, do not rest.

The prevailing style of society, which we encourage and with we feel comfortable has been killing us slowly. The style of society that is struggling to impose is, by its nature, aggressive, ruthless when the opportunity shows and remains cruel. Few things would change.

Perhaps someone, maybe Nietzsche, said that the worst mistake of man was to create religion. It was a great mistake, but I believe that our worst mistake is to control us as a society, is to feel earthly power. First I can, then I believe.

With the passing of time, with the return of cycles, and confined in this increasingly limited (finite) space, men stinks decadence. It’s impossible not to feel shame for us, pride for a few … stinks decadence.

How far should we go? Many of us didn’t begin any venture. Many of us think that our role as human beings is to live and grow in society. Many believe that there should be an end to much of it. Some of us think that there is no living person acting in response to his environment, thinking about the sustainability of other species. The preservation of favored ones… My kind. In all aspects things goes out of our hands. We want to finish with our world.

How far should we go? Until everything sediment.

The man who laughs.

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Hombre que rie