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434 a Short Film

December 31, 2007

“Composing is giving meaning to that stream of sounds that penetrates the world we live in”
Toru Takemitsu


Map + Previews

1.- Begins: Hotel entrance + Character Introduction + Room arrival => Unawareness

2.- Encounter: Pool + Her + Conquer => Decision + Motion

3.- Solitude: Awakening + Room + Window => Weirdness

4.- Action: Loneliness + Elevator + Stairs => Tension

5.- Commotion: Loneliness + Leaving stairs + Hallway + Room => Despair + Distress

6.- Introspection: Loneliness + Room => Resignation + Anguish

7(2).- Encounter: Final impression.


8(7).- Credits



Written, Produced & Directed by Javier Pérez-Karam & Leonard Zelig

Music & Sound Design: Xavier Losada

Director of Photography: Javier Pérez-Karam



Him: Leonard Zelig

Her: Tarina Rodríguez

Man: Javier Pérez-Karam


Foleys: Gabriel Álvarez & Ricardo Martínez

Graphic Design: Miguel Heberle

Edited by PérezKaram Post

434 – Showing in 2008 – NYC, USA.


Toru’s Garden – La Uña, El Martillo & The Impossible Thoughts

August 7, 2007

“…many compositional ideas came to me from old Japanese gardens… I love gardens. They do not reject people. There one can walk freely, pause to view the entire garden, or gaze at a single tree. Plants, rocks, and sand show changes, constant changes.”
Toru Takemitsu

The Theme

Listen clipToru’s Garden.mp3

The Concept

Toru Takemitsu developed the idea of interpreting garden strolls through compositions. He assigned different rolls to each group of the orchestra while the piano walks and observes.

Departing from essays like Mirror and Egg and a composition exercise commissioned by Gerry Weil, I placed a touched walker stood in the middle of a garden which is slowly changing.

The theme develops between the “passer-by” (F), represented by the main piano, and the garden – piano and guitar. Among them is a piano-tuner, the time (C), who approaches, dripping, little by little.

As he observes, analyzes and assimilates, he mutates. The perception of time is always changing.

Toru’s Garden Spiral

With the passing of events, the garden, the time and we become one.