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No Ego – Triad

August 5, 2008

I am too the memory of a sword,
and of a solitary, falling sun,
turning itself to gold, then gray, then nothing.
I am the one who sees the approaching ships
from harbor. And I am the dwindled books,
the rare engravings worn away by time…”
Jorge Luis Borges, I

The Evolution*
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Demo 1.mp3

Demo 1.mp3

Demo 2.mp3

Demo 2.mp3

Demo 3.mp3

Demo 3.mp3

Demo 4.mp3

Demo 4.mp3

No Ego.mp3

No Ego.mp3

*Images by Daz Medrano

The Theme

No Ego was written by Xavier Losada & Daz Medrano
from the album Blood + Karma by Triad

Produced by Xavier Losada
Engineered and Mixed by Ricardo Martínez
Assistant Engineer: Gabriel Álvarez
Recorded & mixed at Remoto Estudio – Caracas, Venezuela
Mastered at Precision Mastering by Tom Baker

David Marcano + Drums
Daniel “New” Pirone + Bass
Daz Medrano + Guitar & Voices


Journey of One – embas

October 25, 2007

Embas’ Suburbia 

from the album Suburbia.

When Francisco Sapene (Bass Guitar) asked me to produce his new album I went to a rehearsal and listened to embas. They caught my attention immediately. The songs were very interesting and the band seemed to have each rol well-defined. A few days after we were producing.

Going out of my studio while recording acantilado and starting a project with six musicians and their compositions was a very refreshing and valuable experience.

The song

Listen clip Journey of One.mp3

The credits

Journey of One 

Music: Carlos Rosales, Frank Sapene, Leonardo Jenkins and Ruyman Gilbert

Bass: Francisco Sapene

Acoustic Guitar: Leonardo Jenkins

Electric Guitar: Carlos Rosales

Drums: Ruyman Gilbert

Violin: Carlos A. Báez

Keys: Miguelangel Maduro and Xavier Losada

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Ricardo Martínez in Remoto Estudio

Produced by Xavier Losada

Since suburbia I work with Ricardo Martínez (Wahala) in Remoto Estudio.