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Fateless – acantilado

February 29, 2008

“Still, even the imagination is not completely unbounded, or at least is unbounded only within limits, I have found.”
Imre Kertész, Fateless

The book

Imre Kertész – Fateless
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2002

The Song


Sin destino 2

After a minute, between fate and illusion, emerges the obstinatto, a melody that reminds of me sitting on stage at the piano, just about longing.

Immediately after, the piano and percussion begin to tell the truth, a reality that seems to hit but you don’t understand, you live.

Later on anguish’ textures shows up. I’ll never forget the image of soles pasted to the skin. Feet and wood made one. The uncertainty is there, always accompanying.

When in the theme I start to wander, to look back and think in destiny I call immersed the day-to-day life, the freedom and the fateless. With them goes otherness, a path that we feel but don’t predict.

The beginning… heroic and enigmatic as the end.

Sin Destino.mp3