About Xavier Losada

Composer. Venezuelan. Chemical Engineer.


Escritorio (2007)
acantilado (2008)
w/ Bruno Galindo- Ambulancia Estrellada (2009)
La uña, el martillo y los pensamientos imposibles (2011)

Compositions for theater: El verdadero Inspector Hound – Best Original Score, Festival Jose Angel Porteacero, 1998 – the beginning of a very productive relation with Juan Souki. Klown (KST); 10 (Enescena) obtained Best Original Score in the Cinates Festival; Tell 2,2 (KST); Atra Bilis (Caracas International Theatre Festival – Tinta Fresca); Love (Caracas – New York Collective with two seasons in the city of New York); The Uhaul Trilogy (Philadelphia Live Arts Festival); Crime & Punishment (Columbia Stages) and El Cascanueces Flamenco a flamenco adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker; The Passion of the Christ (La Salle).

Short Films: Thou Shalt Not Dream by Perez-Karam with the New School University, Chernobyl Dreams by Windmills and Giants, Sucio and Banca y Papel by UMA, 434 by Zelig/PerezKaram, Horas Extras by LosOtros Group

As a musical producer: Suburbia by Embas; Skama Sweet Selection by Skama Sweet Selection and Blood & Karma by Triad.

Other Collaborations: Amalamar – Chulius and the filarmónicos (MF Radio); Dime Cómo Hago – Wahala (Buena Vibra Vol. III); Claro que lo vi – Americania (Sigo)


2 Responses to “About Xavier Losada”

  1. patrick Says:

    xavi… awesome blog love than i can listen to your work!

    short film soon to come1

  2. bunnyblu Says:

    thank you for this wonderful blog!

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