Mandinga’s food

The devil, with his dead dance, is moving slowly. He is collecting petitions and strength to continue his way. He is taking leaders, beggars, minions, cretins, communicants and donors. We are watching him going somewhere. He is asking and we give.

Over time, Mandinga becomes sad. He wants to share light over the creation of others. He wants to give light to be shared and not to raise egos. But Lucifer, as any other angel, can’t do anything else, he is just looking to survive in exile. Meanwhile, we are giving ourselves to the wrong cause awkwardly. It is our nature, to dance slowly a dead dance as we act as demons and angels. Trying to shine over individuals and leaving our world aside.

Today coexist thousand of angels, religions, gods, men and worlds, all of them summarized in one that doesn’t exist, one that endures, and summarized in me, matter of time and oblivion.


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