Goyan Bego – live

October 6, 2011
Centro cultural BOD-Corp Banca
Caracas, Venezuela

Handbells: David Marcano, Ricardo Martínez y Dacio Medrano
Piano: Xavier Losada

Production: Proyecta Comunicación

Recording engineer: Marcel Fernández
Video: Raúl Colmenares
Audio engineer: Eder Soto
Stage Manager: Tyrone Vera
Stage Lighting: Tirso Machado
Scenery: Soluciones Arquimad


The illusion of leaving lives on the right path,
the illusion of being longed and not needed.
The illusion of being a father and dying a father.
The illusion of ending in heaven next to the sea.

“Today my aitona died. To think about him is to feel privileged, to recognize an always growing admiration, his love for life and his grumpy attitude without being ungrateful. In him I’ve always seen a superman, without the german, without the bewilderness, just a superman.

His environment was never stable and life always seemed to challenge him, until today, after having tried each one of the encountered tests he laid down to sleep, he saw himself, for a few minutes, confused and knew that he had to face the next trial.

From Aitona I kept the love for chocolate, that creating a family is the most heroic enterprise a man can engage and that there isn’t a single one more gratifying, that before everything else the right thing must be done, that happiness can’t be found in memories, it’s felt and lived, that there’s no tragedy which excuses putting the head down and
stopping, the grouper in green sauce and the peacefulness of my home. That standing out from others is not a goal, that money is not a value, the calmness, the struggle, the politics, the tragedy, the encounter, the isolation, the eating, to fight, to sleep and to wake up are all life, and life is happiness.

My Jean Valjea, my Übermensch and my aitona, I cannot be more than immensely proud of you and tell you that remembering you makes me happy.”

Album Song


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