“But this repetition has a meaning…
It alone confers a reality upon events”

Mircea Eliade, The myth of the Eternal Return

The second time I presented Piano.Letra.Aparato. I invited the audience to play a note on the piano while I recorded them in a loop. One by one the audience stood up and played a note. – Recorded Loop.mp3


The exercise would become the base and texture of La Calma in the concert.

A few hours later I decided to write a song inspired on the collective loop. I putted the loop in a new session and started to make modifications to it with the same tools I used live (EHX-2880), then I wrote and recorded two pianos inspired on it (Modified_loop.mp3).

Publico 2Publico 3

This song was made for and by you: players, attendants, musicians and assistants.

Thank you.


– PLA 120609 Fundacion Chacao.mp3



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