Experimental Composition Method

…and suddenly everything becomes meaningless.


1. – Define type of chord (e.g. Major, Minor, Dominant, sus 4) and root note (e.g. G) ā€“ Gm7 / G#13 /Gdim / etc.

Starting from Gmaj7


2.- Each circle derives from the first one, Gmaj7 in this case, and each note becomes the root note of a new maj7 circle.


3.- Define the start and finish notes of the exercise (you can mark them on the diagram if you decide too, each musician can choose his way from the start note to the final one)

e.g. Starting in G and ending in G#


4.- Choose rhythm and tempo (Percussion can use rhythm circles setting initial and final rhythm instead of notes)




5.- Start your trip.

a.- You can stay in a note as long as you want to b.- You can go and return in any route you want to. c.- Try forming new chords or arpeggios with the notes that surround your actual position. See yellow boxes in the diagram. d.- Use it with your band

A song using the method:

Let me hear your experiments and write me if you need any help: info@xavierlosada.com


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