Rest II


Day, Goethe Institut, Inferno, internships, Chacao, Bruno, 3, The Dance of Prayer, Ernest Hemingway – From whom the bell tolls, car, glass, Chacao, Moleskine, documental, beer, Twitter, traffic, John Medina – Brain Rules, green, 15, kalimba, Gerry, Just Plain Folks, 2012,  Micheletti, 10:34 P.M., farewell, Crashed Ambulance, G2, diary, time, radio, Marcianos, E, Juanito, audio, Triad, J, plane tickets, M, disable, 44.1 kHz, well, arabic, Embassy of Spain, 107.3, #freemediave, Google Reader, money, 30, 10:42 P.M., reunion, effects, —Rest.mp3—, C,  The Dance of Oblivion, Fa, new position, 27, 5 years, Igor Stravinsky – An autobiography, meat, Sergio, Blog, cuatro, Canadá, 48 kHz, La Salle, remember, texture, Rey Zamuro, water, Quotation of Dream, Dudamel, Río Chico, CNB, think, late, bath, Pärt, ML, read, pen, Peter Burt – The Music of Toru Takemitsu, Museum, CdBaby, KQII, 10:36 P.M., tomorrow, shrimps, flat, D, @xavierlosada, club, paddle, screwdriver, drop, dragons, horizon, Uno, melody, 20 plg, “I’m here”, Nashville, US$,  orders, 13, Fa#, 601, Oliver Sacks – Musicophilia, oboe d’amore, dream.

Compositions and recordings*
People and things that matter.


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