The Maker

Being time,
seeing my hands become time
(constructing, destroying and composing while I listen, think and walk),
is my new obsession.

The Maker.mp3

For years I sought the inexistence of time. Despite searching and forcing myself to get rid of the notion of time, it was impossible to do so. At times I managed –just for a few seconds– to feel the absence, but soon it returned stronger than ever. Apparently still. Invincible.

The fight against time is exhausting. Caving in to time is even more so.

One day I decided to try and become time. If I could make myself time, real time, I would be able to battle it.

Since time destroys it all, I rid myself of everything I deemed useless around me, timely and without a doubt, according to my new criterion.

Time creates. I began to create. Our notion of time does not allow us to ignore its apparent linearity. Our creations help us cloud it. Being time, the wait ceased to exist. I created and destroyed only aware of space and my own working hands.

It’s just that sometimes I cannot recognize my own hands.


Composing is pursuing an idea.


El Hacedor is part of Escritorio


2 Responses to “The Maker”

  1. DarkLight Says:

    I found your site randomly, but enjoy your music. Very psychedelic sounding – similar to my own music in ways. Keep up the good work!


  2. Ikaw at Ako Says:

    wow you’re a genius.:)

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