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When should I rest? When should I work? Should I work just enough to appreciate both work and rest? Define rest.

“Here, to the right, the bar of artists and writers, scene of so many intellectual and sensual orgies”.¹

I compose. Play the piano. Read. Think. Write. Work. Rest. Love. Dream. I sleep. And the rest? How much do I sleep?

“Puzzled, I am unable to utter a single word. If I deliberately cause some harm, how much wouldn’t I hurt without wanting to?”.¹

I move forward in this world, between puzzlement and arrogance, between –ever less so- society. I am puzzlement and arrogance. I advance. Why in this world?

“At night, the poor souls who suffer from insomnia and nightmares wander around in prairies and forests, in order to tire themselves to sleep”.¹

Little by little music entangles me and forgets about me. I must place some notes. It never ends.

——— Dominus regit me, et nihil mihi deerit.² ———

is part of acantilado

¹ August Strindberg. Inferno
² Book of Psalms. Psalm #22


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