The dance of oblivion

Part of a concert for three pianos,
woodwinds and percussion.

First Part: A new cycle

The dance of oblivion: The new cycle.mp3


The new cycle is about to begin.

A crowd is waiting for the end of an era. They’ll soon disappear. Soon the inhabitants of older villages will choose a “witness” and make him the new people’s god. The rest of them will pilgrim forever.

The caravan is coming.

The elder god had his moment. He is old and doesn’t fear. He is just sad. He had forgotten this destiny & now attempts to explain everything again to him & his children. The people barely listen, they are eager of oblivion.

The caravan is coming.

Memories begin. The houses are getting cleaned and closed. Some have the false belief that they’ll return. The people, now united, hear their fate approaching.

Flying over the people – infinite – it ventures.

In the meantime many stopped believing in the coming and going. The ideals and beliefs mutated, diversified. In the meantime the targets got lost. We became many. The coming is cyclical.

Between drums, dances and life it devastates the town, it grows and immediately leaves.

Among empty buildings is the one, the new god. The witness must create new laws, seasons, wealth and people. He must create a new town where everyone will be waiting to be chosen or be doomed to disable people and choose witnesses for the rest of the eternity.

The new cycle is about to begin.

The dance of oblivion: The new cycle.mp3


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