“If the trees had been standing
so much star’s solitude,
then we stand the death
in the glowworm shadow.
If silent is the eternity 
then we can feel the course of the universe.”

Vicente Gerbasi, Los Colores Ocultos

I tend to believe that any non-final take in a recording is a canvas waiting to be painted. I see these potential paintings as textures -wood, cups, whistles, breaths, roarings – that sometimes I consider the final composition, while other times I rather use them as a base of a work. It’s quite interesting to explore both perspectives.

Facing a possible silent eternity, sometimes I sit down and paint:

1 Color 2 Tono 3 Espacio 4 Tiempo 5 Descanso 6 Pensamiento 7 Camino 8 Silencio 9
Sometimes I just want some silence.

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