Diego, the moon & the sea

…to Diego who cruises the sea 

Diego, the moon & the sea.mp3 (Rough mix)

I woke up today in a weird mood. After getting married at the seashore, wearing exuberant clothes and naked feet I took a deep nonsense sleep. I dreamt a… no, I didn’t dream. In the meantime I met him: philosopher, ascetic and capricious.

Then he told me his story:

Night: He stood for a long time by the sea interested in his doubts and sensations. After numerous slow minutes he began to be unnoticed. Knowing or not that he had been ignored he decided to swim under the sun.

Diego, the sea: Every star has a sound, wrinkled and prudent is a color, at least a tone of some pair. While they grow and bounce on the water they wait and stay preserved with joy. When the sun falls they appear afloat.

Moon: One stroke, two strokes… three strokes, four strokes… He was hope and illussion. Every immersion became eternal; every immersion was reflection and rest.

The dream: A wave is a phrase, a message that intimidates and disappears, then attracts and resigns, until I become sea it rise me and makes me feel sleepy

The ship: Fifteen strokes, sixteen strokes… almost dancing he deepens without stop. He was always anxious and happy, eager to find more road. Knowing or not that he had been watched the night began to grow.

The shore: Hum! Ah! Hum! Ah! A big ship was rowing. The illussion ignored the fatigue, the moon was lightning and making day behind the oars. The tide revealed and concealed, revealed and concealed, revealed and concealed… revealed and concealed… revealed and concealed… revealed and concealed…

The End: He fell in a deep sleep and then became night, moon and life. Years passed by and he found love, he took it with naked feet and exuberant clothes to the seashore and celebrated the ceremony that now bind them.

He rested all night… The next day he found a kid that would tell him his story.

The Theme

“Diego, the moon & the sea” is part of La Uña, El Martillo y Los Pensamientos Imposibles (2009)
Writen & recorded by Xavier Losada

Picture: Hugo Losada
Paint “Diego, la luna y el mar”: Andrea Ces


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