Road to otherness

…as a whole-life-rite I walked into my room, took my needle; smiled once again at Sabato’s volume and left for the kitchen.
What hurt me the most was not being able to look at my baby anymore.

The Hypothesis

We think in the future. We think in the past – remember. I believe the changes of frequency and intensity of this notion makes us different from moment to moment.

Today, as I walk, I glance at the future more than the past. For this reason I made an hypothesis of life – my vision of life (See diagram below)

As we grow up our vision of the future increases, we tend to look back less, until a certain point when the past regains importance. Suddenly – maybe gradually – our thoughts decline. With death they reach infinity.

I took my hypothesis to Gerry Weil (Pianist and mentor) and asked him to make his own:

Visión GW


Our eyes, our rites, your room and rest, On Heroes and Tombs, Gerry and I are changing with everything that can be remembered, looked upon and unexpected.

Initial Vision

“While the road to otherness doesn’t stop being heard, I wake up with a normal day, trying not to think of some things and after thinking them I continue to follow my road.

Impatient to reach the line, sometimes I try to speed-up my steps. I’ll never know If my effort is in vain. I’ll always be another.

I love to look at the way back, even though I know there isn´t one. I can imagine the long travelled distances and the beginning seems so far… when it is so close.”

The Conclusion


Based on the book El camino de la alteridad (The road of otherness) by Antonio López Ortega is part of Escritorio (Track #6) and was part of a compilation of rock music in Venezuela by Gozadera Records.

What’s your hypothesis?


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