“Living characters! Life must be represented not as it is,
but as it ought to be;
as it appears in dreams”
Anton Chekhov, The Sea-Gull


8000, Dream.mp3, concept, live, water, forget, MDE, beer, Chernobyl Dreams, work, Wahala, Speed Racer, Kortála.mp3, Geoffrey Chaucer – The Canterbury Tales, H, supermarket, think, Orchestra seats, Triad, 6870, Adolfo Herrera, Goyan Bego, the work, Messiaen, coffee, acantilado, The nail, the hammer & the impossible thoughts, Ricardo Martínez, Otrova Gomas – El virus del humor, record, deficiencies, Spain Embassy, J, producers, Interlude.mp3, dream, guitar, 7:30 a.m., Sony, chocolate, Bruno, joy, Skama Sweet Selection, P, accident, 5205,  By the Open Sea.mp3, whistles, C, Javier Melero, hear, People talk.mp3, Marlene, Andrea, surreal,  you,  languages, Edgar Allan Poe – Poetry Essays, I’m not some one else dream, piano, read, write, A, freedom hours,  3427, Elias, The rite of the crashed ambulance.mp3, stop, Composing Stories, giants, no music, cry, F, cart, Ernest Hemingway – From whom the bell tolls, 2024, reflection, NVV, analyze, La Salle, Carlitos, Windmills, supercapitalism, Vasos Comunicantes – Bruno Galindo, SAP, divorce, supermarket, feel, Gerry Weil, Spoken Word, D, Remoto, Reading of the small print of a life insurance to a safer death.mp3,  999, F.S.C. Santiago, grow, Cuentos de los aborígenes australianos – Anneliese Löffler, through the middle of the street, bed, “Smile, this is a recording”, Dim bandera as boolean, Labyrinth, Alessia y Diego, dizziness, Juanito, sleep, M, zero, 3 rooms.


Compositions & recordings*
People & stuff that matters.


Xavier Losada & Bruno Galindo – Demo
Recorded: 24 April, 2008 in Remoto Estudio
27 de Abril in Los Tulipitos Nº 6
by Ricardo Martínez

is part of the play Kortala
Music: Xavier Losada
Drums, percussion & arrangement: Adolfo Herrera
Bass guitar & arrangement: Ricardo Martínez
Guitar, keys & programming: Xavier Losada
Recorded, mixed and masterized by Ricardo Martínez in Remoto Estudio.


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