Amusia – La Uña, El Martillo & The Impossible Thoughts

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear.”
John Cage

I. The song started as a research of noise, rhythm and melody interpreting certain amusia‘ degrees.

II. Later, I saw The Rest is Noise. The title inmediately made me think it would be part of the theme.

III. With a half-read book I started to write. 4:33 by John Cage would give shape and sense to the composition.

Amusia walks, minute after minute, between noise, rest & melody until it reachs our surroundings, the no-silence.

…maybe rest.



What is rest? What is noise? What is this all about? Sounds & crowd making their way. Just listen, listen their way. Silence.


Thanks Alex Ross for “The Rest is Noise“.

A musical listening test

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One Response to “Amusia – La Uña, El Martillo & The Impossible Thoughts”

  1. Elias Lopez Says:

    Un saludo Xavier,

    Quiza no me recuerdes. Soy el hermano de las morochas Lopez, las primeras groupies de HD. Me alegro mucho por tu exito. Me tope con tu album, Escritorio, dando tumbos por iTunes y haciendo research en el proyecto solista de Julio Briceno, Chulius & the filarmonicos. Aqui estoy a la orden en NYC para lo que sea. Sigue adelante. Tengo a tu hermano en Facebook – look me up.

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