La Muerte de Empédocles – acantilado

…tries to decipher certain mysteries that did not glimpse at their moment.

The Books

After recording Escritorio and soon to start the production of embasSuburbia, I began to work with 4 books published by biblioteca del acantilado

Resting – Attila Bartis

Fateless – Imre Kertész

Death of Empedocles – Frederich Hölderlin

Inferno – August Strindberg

The result was a 8 theme EP (each theme is presented mastered and remastered) were I placed my interpretation of each tale. The title: acantilado

Death of Empedocles

Listen clipLa muerte de Empédocles.mp3

Empédocles is surrounded by his disciples, is being loved and rejected. We can hear him advanced to his time, thoughtful on reflection… always trying to generate it. We can follow him climbing Mount Etna, between ideas and nature, until his final speech and departure.

He dies alone and immortalizes himself in solitude.

The Phrase

“¡Olvido!…¡Oh, como una vela venturosa

me desprendo de la costa, y la ola de la vida

por sí sola me deja!”

Friedrich Hölderlin.

Empedocles.jpgAs a part of the composition exercise, on each theme of acantilado I putted a phrase that obstinately joins the rest. Here, it can be easily identified. It represents the people assimilation, over adaptation, to Empedocles’ ideas.

acantilado - La muerte de Empédocles

In the theme our main character is never understood.


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